Sorry dog people, but today we will talk about cats only. Since so many people worldwide choose cats as their pet companions, we want to find out the reasons for this popularity. Why do all-age humans adore these mainly self-oriented animals, and, in addition, don’t stop owning just one cat gathering the clans of cats in their homes? Let’s discover together why cats have so much power over humans. 

Cats keep themselves clean

A cat grooms itself


It’s hard to believe, but typically cats spend at least 15 percent of their waking time grooming themselves. Cats like to smell well and won’t go lying anywhere dirty, sticky, or smelly. Having a cat means that, in general, you won’t need to bathe it more than once or twice a year. Thanks to continuous self-grooming, cats’ fur feels softer, cleaner, and more pleasant than the fur of other animals. 

Cats aren’t noisy

Even the loudest meowing when a cat demands food or extra treats is much quieter than, for example, a dog’s bark. Cats don’t tend to make much noise — they walk silently, play silently, and won’t crush your home and nerves with loud moves and sounds. Your neighbors won’t even notice that you have a pet. In general, cats owners enjoy only pleasant purr while their pet companions lie on their laps. 

Cats require fewer actions

A cat lies


Cats are perfect for people who don’t want to take extra actions owning a pet. We don’t say that felines do not require care and attention. You will need to clean a cat’s litter box at least once per day; you should feed a cat and change the water in its bowl at least twice per day, etc. But their maintenance is for sure much easier than dog maintenance. For example, cats don’t need to be taken outside a couple of times per day in any weather. For some people, it’s a pretty potent advantage. 

Cats don’t need people to do their business

A cat goes toilet


Unlike dogs, cats are pretty self-sufficient in going toilet. If your cat is outdoor, you won’t even know where and when it does its things. On the other hand, indoor cats do their business in a litter box that should be cleaned no less than once per day. But even that is much better than waking up in the middle of the night and walking through horrible weather outside with a dog that needs to do “this” right now. 

Cats can keep a home mice-free

A cat hunts a mouse


Felines are good hunters. Just a mere presence of a cat will vanish mice and rats from a house forever. Cats can save your home from smaller pests like different insects. The flies, moths, spiders, and bugs awake cats’ interest and become prey for fluffy predators. 

Cat maintenance is cheap

Owning a pet always costs something. Especially if you are a responsible owner. Once you bring a cat home, you will need to buy a litter box (for indoor cats), bowls for food and water, and a place to sleep. Of course, you’ll need to constantly supply your cat with good-quality food and cat litter to keep them healthy. For sure, your cat will need veterinarian visits and some vaccines occasionally. It’s not for free, but it’s much cheaper than owning a dog. Cat vet, in more cases, is cheaper than dog vet services. A cat can play with toys that don’t cost anything like a candy wrap or a simple elastic hairband. In addition, cat supplies are generally much cheaper than dog purchases.

Cats can be at home alone

If there is plenty of food and fresh litter in a box, you can be sure that your cat is safe at home alone during the time you are at work. There is no need to worry because it will sleep in most cases. 

Furthermore, it’s okay to leave your cat home alone for a weekend without a pet sitter. Just make sure to leave enough food for your animal companion. It will be even better to buy a high-tech automatic feeder and a water fountain for this occasion.   

Cats are peaceful companions

A cat on a lap


Cats won’t disturb you while you’re reading or watching TV. They won’t ask you to play when you don’t want to and are pretty good at finding how to fill their free time, not requiring human interaction. That is why if you don’t plan to spend all your spare time with a pet, a cat is a perfect animal companion for you. It will be sleeping or sitting quietly near you most of the time. 

Cats are perfect for apartments 

Your neighbors would never know that you have a cat unless they saw it from your window. Cats aren’t noisy and need a minimum space for long and healthy indoor living. That makes them perfect animals for apartments of any size. Before bringing a cat home, decide where you’ll place a sleeping bed, a litter box, food, and water bowls for it. If there is enough space for these things in your apartment, then your home is cat-approved.

Cats low anxiety and stress level

There is nothing calmer than watching your cat playing, purring on your lap after a stressful day at work, or sleeping peacefully no matter what. Scientists have evidence that a cat purring lowers blood pressure and calms a highly sensitive nervous system. Petting a cat is like a mindfulness practice — it helps you distract from problems and not think about anything. 

Cats can play actively and make people laugh

Cats are indeed laying most of their time. But cats can be funny and naughty as well during their awaken time. They like playing, running around the house, jumping, and as a result raising an owner’s mood. Some cats can bring you things and play fetch with you, no worse than dogs. With a cat, your life will never be boring again. Believe us.