Halloween becomes much more satisfying when all family members celebrate together, our pet companions included. Furthermore, creating costumes not only for humans but also for their animal friends can be one more pleasant activity for the whole family. We’ve created a list of easy hand-crafted costumes that can be made without sewing and costly details — all the elements you can find at home or the nearest store. 

Note! Don’t forget to start your pet getting used to wearing clothes or accessories at least a week before Halloween. Otherwise, you probably won’t force your dog or cat to stay in a costume any longer than for one photo. 

Create a pet Halloween costume inspired by a favorite movie 

Ninja turtle Halloween pet costume

It’s such a simple-to-make costume that even elementary school children can craft it without parents’ help. This costume author Courtney created it because her three sons needed the fourth turtle for their trick-or-treating. Their dog became Donatello — the purple turtle from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. It’ll take less than an hour to turn your pet into one of the ninjas. For this crafting, you’ll need a foil turkey pan, a small t-shirt, paints, a ribbon, a mod podge, scissors, fabric needle, thread, and velcro. Follow a full costume tutorial here: Fun Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dog Costume by Crafts by Courtney.

Dress your pet as a funny cartoon character

Swen Halloween dog DIY costume

Almost everyone likes the Sven character from The Frozen cartoon. Funny and cute, it is a perfect prototype for an easy DIY Halloween costume for pets. The costume’s creator Kristen Whitby crafted it as a matching costume to her son and daughter’s costumes from the same cartoon. Together the children and the dog created the most adorable Halloween team you’ve ever seen. You can create the same costume for your dog (or cat) in less than 1 hour, shopping for items included. Detailed instructions on how to make it read here: Easy DIY Sven Costume for a Dog by Kristen Whitby

Turn your animal companion into a stuffed toy

Teddy Bear Easy DIY costume for Halloween

I bet all of you have seen these hilarious videos where dogs (especially the small ones) ran in cute plush costumes. You can also make the same funny walking costume with a pair of scissors only. The outfit will turn your pet into the superstar of every Halloween party — everyone will laugh and photograph your pet. Sadly, for this costume, you have to sacrifice a plush teddy bear. The author of this costume said that it took about 15 minutes to make the costume. For more information and detailed instructions, go there: How-To: Make a Walking Teddy Bear Costume for Your Dog.

Let your pet fly to outer space

Rocket dog easy DIY costume

It’s one of the easiest costumes on this list. The costume is the perfect choice for every active pet who likes to run, jump and whirl non-stop and for owners who don’t like crafting so much. For this making, you won’t need anything more than two empty soda bottles (the size depends on the size of your dog), silver spray paint, duct tape, yellow and orange tissue paper for flames. You can also print out NASA’s logo. Creating this DIY pet Halloween costume takes no longer than 15 minutes. Read how to make a costume here: Rocket Dog Costume.

Create the easiest Halloween costume for pets

The easiest Halloween pet costume

Have you already created the costume for yourself? I hope you didn’t forget about the costume for your pet. If so, we have the fastest solution that takes less than 15 minutes to make. All you need is — red and white paper (or felt), a printed out TY logo, ribbon, glue, and a pair of scissors. Everything that you can find in the nearest DIY store or even at home. The detailed instructions you can find here: This Is the Easiest ’90s Dog Costume You Can Make This Halloween.