A girl is giving a Christmas gift to a dog


It’s still plenty of time to find the best presents for everyone you love. You still have time to think about the person, what do they like, and which present they will appreciate more. If this person is a dog owner, you should consider that. The bonds with owners and their four-legged family members are undeniable, so getting something cute or useful for a dog always looks thoughtful for their owner. 

We decided to ease a gift-hunting process for you. Look through our list of the best Christmas gifts, where we gathered things on every budget that will please every dog owner.

Best gifts for dog owners under $15

Dog poop bags and dispenser

Dog Waste Bags and Flashlight Bag Dispenser Set 


This gift is extremely useful for every dog owner for two reasons. The first one — pet owners are always in need of poop bags. These waste bags are lavender scented, composable, and Earth-friendly. Besides that, they are resilient and leak-proof to completely protect your hand from dirt. The second reason is the dispenser that not only contains a roll of 15 bags but also has a LED flashlight and carabiner to hook it on the leash. It provides an opportunity to walk a dog at night. 



Dog durable plush toy


Plush Toy With Chew Guard Technology 


This toughest soft toy will be the dog’s best friend. The producer made toys durable enough to survive hours of fun playtime. It contains a built-in squeaker for holding a pup’s attention. A soft and textured toy body is perfect for cuddling and cute sleeping time. Thankfully to unique Chew Guard Technology, which is based on a chewable-resistant lining, it’s not that easy to destroy the toy. Moreover, the producer has a lot of cute designs, forms, and sizes for any dog breed.  



Two Christmas dog bandanas

Christmas Dog Bandana


These cute printed bandanas will complement any dog’s Christmas look. They are made from 100% natural cotton, breathable and skin-care fabric. The bandana is lightweight and has a print on both sides. Christmas snowmen, snowflakes, and Christmas trees will add a festive mood to every day and every photo made during the Christmas holidays. 


Gifts under $25 for dog lovers

Dog moisturizing oatmeal shampoo


Oatmeal Dog Shampoo


Show that you care about your friend’s dog by gifting natural and harmless specialized cosmetics to them. The oatmeal dog shampoo is hypoallergenic and is suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. It helps to ease itchiness symptoms and moistures dry skin, improving the state of a dog’s coat. The shampoo has a pina colada scent, leaving the pet smelling natural, fresh, and clean. 



Green crocodile chewable toy for dogs

Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers


This chewable squeaky toy will provide a lot of fun to your friend with a dog. Made from durable natural rubber it has long-lasting qualities for months of teeth-brushing and play. This dog toy doesn’t have a chemical smell or taste. Special rubber granular cleaner, durable and aligned bristles brush dog’s teeth without an owner’s participation. Fun bright design and squeaker inside the toy make it desirable for your friends with dogs.  



Tail Interactive Plush Dog Toy


Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Interactive Plush Dog Toys


This gift won’t be ignored by any dog. It wiggles, vibrates, and barks. Thanks to that the toy will reduce anxiety and boredom, and provide long hours of unforgettable playtime to a dog with its owner. Interactive features keep the pet engaged no matter of breed or age. The tail will help to play fetch using the toy, and keep the dog exercised in an enjoyable manner. It’s available in three catching the eye designs. 


Gifts for dog owners with a budget under $35

Yellow Undercoat Deshedding Tool


FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool


This top useful tool should be at every household with a dog. If your friend doesn’t have one you have to consider giving it to them. Here are the reasons why. The FURminator easily reaches through the dog’s topcoat to remove loose hair and undercoat. With this tool, the house becomes cleaner and loose-hair-free. Moreover, dogs love to be deShedded by this tool because it doesn’t damage or cut the skin. 



Beware of The Dog Brass Door Sign

The Metal Foundry Beware of The Dog Brass Door Sign


Doesn’t your friend have a door sign to aware guests of the dog? Then you should give him or her this beautiful handmade sign in a vintage shabby chic style. Made from brass it is completely recyclable and has absolutely no plastic. The set includes hand-polished brass fixings for wall or door mounting. It looks like a real gift since doesn’t look cheap or thin. 



Dog Mom Gift Tote Bag

Dog Mom Gift Tote Bag 


This gift is created for giving appreciation and love to proud dog moms. The tote bag is not only comfy and has many features for daily use, but also has a fun design that makes everyone smile no matter what. Comfortable handles, a big front zippered pocket, and plenty of space inside the bag for all necessary things make this bag a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.  



Gifts under $45

Green Interactive Dog Toy

PETGEEK Interactive Dog Toys

This toy will bring joy to every household with a dog. This toy will care about your dog entertainment when you’re too busy or the weather is not for walking outside. It moves automatically, creating different routes and unexpected movements and attracting dogs of all ages. Bone-shaped form, durable and safe material, USB-recharging make this interactive toy so lovable by dogs and their owners.  



Dog Painting by Numbers Kit

Wood Framed Paint by Numbers Kit


It’s a real pleasure to create something by hand on long cold winter evenings. Give this opportunity to someone you love by giving them a painting by numbers. The kit includes wood framed canvas with numbers, all-needed-size brushes, and paints with proper numbers on them. As a result of work, your friend or family member will get a hand-crafted painting with a cute and colorful dog on it.   



Blue Dog Bath Brush

Dog Bath Brush 


Aquapaw helps to bathe a dog in a saving water and time way. This ergonomic and comfortable shower attachment provides fast brushing and washing of a dog’s coat without causing stress to the pet. It comes with two adapters to mount the dog bath brush to shower spigot or garden hose. The Aquapaw is a useful tool that makes bathing time much easier for a dog and its owner. 


Dog owner gifts over $45

Custom noble dog portrait  Custom funny dog portrait


Custom Pet Portrait


This gift is for years. It will entertain a lucky dog owner and their guests as well. Painted as a famous person, movie, or noble character, a dog will bring joy and a smile with every look at the painting. The noble dog painting is completely customizable. You can download a photo of the pet, choose any costume and get the portrait within 10 days. The custom dog portrait comes with a mounting kit to mount the art on a wall.  



Dog DNA test kit

Dog DNA Test | Breed Identification Kit


It’s always a fun journey to get to know your ancestors. Imagine that your friend dog owner can experience this journey investigating their mixed-breed dog’s roots. It’s easy with the Dog DNA Test kit that helps screen over 350 dog breeds, types, and varieties. Your friend will find and connect pets that share DNA with their dog. 



Yellow harness walk kit for dogs

Harness Walk Kit


This harness walk kit will be a perfect gift for dog owners that value style and ergonomic design in things. It includes all on-the-go essentials like a super comfortable and lightweight dog harness, a water-proof and water-resistant leash, and a poop bag carrier in a matchable color. The kit is produced in 10 pastel colors and in four sizes for all dog breeds. You definitely will be the star giving this kit to your friend or family member.