There is no need to avoid modern-age pet gadgets. Some of them can drastically change your and your furry friend’s lives in a good way. There are automatic feeders, self-cleaning cat litter boxes, life conditions and location trackers, and many other gizmos. They will let you enjoy your ownership making your dog or cat the most fashionable and tech-progressive pet in your neighborhood. 


Petcube Camera Photo

Petcube Cameras 

The Petcube company claims that they do their best to provide pets with the care they deserve, similar to what actual family members offer. Unique camera gadgets let owners being far from home, be reassured that their furry companions are fine. Cameras support HD-quality streaming video, smooth two-way audio that allows you to speak with your pet, and quite clear night vision. Advanced cameras have lasers to play with cats or dogs remotely, which is really fun to spend time while waiting in a queue for a doctor or wherever else. 


Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder

Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder

Do you struggle to feed your pet due to the schedule? Or are you planning to go on vacation and aren’t planning to take your pet with you? This automatic feeder will stop hungry whining forever. You will always be sure that your pet is fed and happy. The feeder has pet-parents-approved functionality — it serves up to four meals per day, up to nine portions per meal, up to 10 meal calls, a power supply through 240V, and batteries in case of unexpected power outages. 


Interactive ball launcher for dogs

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

Are you tired of fetching a ball, but your dog is still asking you to throw it? Then the interactive ball launcher from iFetch will become the best friend of your canine. It will launch a ball at the most fittable to your space distance that you can choose and set up by yourself — 10, 20, or 30 feet. Your dog will adore this gadget. It’s easy to play in the favorite game without humans participating at all. Just catch the ball and drop it into the top of the machine. It will launch the ball within 5 seconds. Catch again and repeat. This fun can last forever. 


ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

As a cat owner, I know by myself how tedious the scooping, cleaning, and refilling of cat litter boxes can be. That is why a self-cleaning cat litter box from the PetSafe company looks like such a relief. The smart litter box has sensors that don’t let it disturb a cat while they go into the box. It has automatic rakes that clean your feline’s litter box 20 minutes after the cat leaves weeping waste into a covered trap. Consequently, the cat litter box is always fresh and clean without your involvement. 


iCalmPet Bluetooth Speaker

iCalmPet Bluetooth Speaker

Does music calm you? You will be surprised to know that different sounds affect your pet’s nervous system the same as yours. It’s already proven that different pieces of music can calm pets in various situations such as aggression, fear, can relieve anxiety and other conditions. That is why the iCalmPet has been developed — to provide the opportunity to take a small and portable speaker and play unique sets of clinically tested pieces of music wherever you or your pet needs. The company has developed different auditory programs for adults, young and senior pets in case of thunderstorms, fireworks explosions, and others.


Automatic pet water fountain

Veken Pet Fountain

It’s widely known that pets, especially those who are fed dried food, need a source of fresh and clean water. The perfect solution is to buy the fountain from Veken. It will provide your pet with filtered water that never ends. The fountain has a compact design and a triple-action filtration system to clean water from hard metals and hair and improve the water taste. Your pet will love this water machine drinking more than usual, thanks to a mechanism of flowing water that is more attractive to pets than water from a bowl. 


Tractive gps pet tracker

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

Forget about anxiety when your pet is walking outside by itself. You will always be calm, tracking your companion with a tracker from Tractive. It provides owners with information about the real-life location of a pet, updating every 2-3 seconds. The device will notify you if your pet leaves a virtual fence, check the pet’s activity, and save location history. In addition, the gadget is water-resistant, has up to 7 days of battery life, and pet-friendly design.