Getting a dog means getting another being that you will always take care of. Whether your heart is full of love and adornment to dogs, or you simply want to change your lifestyle and are looking for a companion to spend more time outside, or even if you’re looking for a dog that will defend your house from unwanted guests — it will change your life forever in different ways. You should consider this before getting a best furry friend. 

Girl hugs a dog

We made a list of important things you should realize before getting a dog to be a responsible paw-rent. Understanding all challenges of owning a dog will save you from disappointment and your furry friend from being given up for adoption. Don’t make an impulsive decision — get educated on how to prepare your life for a new family member. 

Are you ready for a puppy?

If you ask yourself “What should I consider before getting a dog,” you are on the right path to becoming a responsible pet owner. Before taking a puppy, you should completely accept the fact that pets are like babies. Like kids, they require a lot of your attention and care — you have to think about feeding, treating, teaching, creating a safe environment for them. However, there is one big difference between dogs and children. Kids grow and become more independent, while pets will always need your attention. 

Moreover, like kids, dogs are expensive to take care of. An owner should know that there is no place to saving when owning a dog. You can’t buy cheaper things or food. Cheaper stuff will be broken soon and food will influence dogs’ health, which can cause problems that lead to much more expenses. Besides owners should consider veterinary bills for vaccination, neutering, check-ups, insurance spends, and so on. You definitely should have extra funds to get a dog.  

A smiling Golden Retriever

Dogs need to be around people a lot, especially little puppies in their first weeks in a new home. They will cry, searching for their mum, peeing around the house while you will be waking up every 2 or 3 hours to walk with them outside to teach this little being where to pee. A lot of troubles will wait for you as a pet owner. So before you get a puppy, you should realize all future difficulties and answer affirmatively to the question “Are you ready for a puppy?”.

What breed of puppy is right for you?

It’s not a secret that our dogs depend on us for all of their needs. But a future owner should understand that different breeds have different requirements that touch every aspect of dogs’ lives — from appearance and diet features to behavior and diseases characteristic of the breed.

You have to decide — what you look for in a dog breed. Do you need it to be big, medium, or small? What activity level can you provide to your dog? Are you ready to groom your pet constantly or need a short-haired dog? Do you want to take a small puppy, adult dog, or senior? 

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You should consider that some breeds and ages are more demanding than others. For instance, puppies need the greatest amount of attention and training, while seniors require frequent veterinarian check-ups and can develop health problems. Are you ready to provide for all their needs? You should analyze your and your family’s lifestyle and needs and research carefully before getting a dog. 

Where to get your puppy?

Buying or adopting — it is a contentious issue. But both choices have their own advantages and disadvantages. We won’t discuss them and want to accent the things you should consider which are true for both options. 

If you decide to buy a pure breed, the most important thing you have to do is to find a good reputable breeder. Only in this case, you have a chance to buy the right purebred puppy from solid-tempered purebred parents. To find a reliable breeder you should talk to local groomers, veterinarians, and trainers. Pay attention to how the process of buying a puppy looks like. If the breeder sells dogs online through a web page or via phone and ships them without knowing who buys a puppy — it’s definitely not that breeder you’re looking for. Breeders don’t sell their pets in cages in stores and don’t use eBay for selling. It’s a responsible process for them too. That is why the reputable breeder wants to know you better and your purpose for buying a pet.

If you choose an adoption — it definitely will cost you a little bit less. You have to pay the adoption fee for the shelter you’ll adopt from. In this case, you might get a dog with behavior or health issues, because shelters always don’t have enough information about parents or previous owners of rescued pets. However, it doesn’t mean that adopted puppies are a bad option. You have to check a shelter’s rules carefully and read if they take a dog back if things won’t work out. This assurance will grow your confidence and chances to get a pet that will match your lifestyle and needs. 

Find veterinarian 

A veterinarian will be a new family doctor for you. It’s the first person you should ask about any questions related to your pet. You will discuss nutrition, daily routine, vaccines, deworming therapy, neutering. You will call them in any health issues case. It is a vital person for your pet’s good health and long life. 

Use personal recommendations from your friend, family members, or other families with pets. They will definitely tell you about the best veterinarians in your area. Then you should find out if the veterinarian has a license and expertise in working with dogs. It’s better to just ask a doctor about how many years they have been working with dogs. It won’t be redundant to ask your veterinarian about their approach in treating, medications and others. Choose a facility close to you to have an option to get there as quickly as you can in an emergency case. The vet clinic should be as clean as a medical facility for people and comfortable for your pet and you as well. 

Things you should buy before bringing a puppy home

Soon after getting a dog, you’ll see how your house is getting cluttered with dog things you don’t actually use or toys your pup doesn’t like. But you will actually need these vital things before bringing a dog home: 

  • ID tag and adjustable collar;
  • Basic leather or cotton leash;
  • Two bowls: one for food and one for water. Prefer metal or ceramic pet bowls (dogs can easily chew plastic);
  • Appropriate to age and health conditions dog food;
  • Dog bed;
  • De-shedder, brush, comb for your pet’s fur;
  • Two or three simple dog toys. 

Later you may need something else, but these things will completely close a dog’s first care needs.

A little puppy chews a ball

We want you to enjoy your dog’s ownership. That is impossible if you are not prepared for all related difficulties. The information above will help you realize what a new furry family member will bring into your life.