One of the best gifts for pet owners is a custom pet painting. The portraits where pets are depicted as humans, heroes, movie characters, and noble personas are always fun. They always get the best place on the most visible walls in each house. 

To give a noble pet portrait it’s to give pleasant impressions to the pet owner no matter their age.’s clients know it and buy pet portraits for their loved ones. This month we have five leaders — portraits that were ordered more than others.

The Adventurous Pilot

The aviator dog painting from a photo


This young and fun pilot is born to fly. If your beloved pet likes speed, freedom, and wind as much as our character does this custom pet painting is the best fit for him. Depicted in an aviator uniform your pet will look funny and inspiring no matter of breed. Hang the custom pet portrait in a place that your family and guests visit more often — let it be the hall or your living room and it will cheer up any person on any occasion and prove your love for your animal. 

The All-seeing Buddha

The Buddhist monk cat portrait from a photo


Our Buddha is full of kindness to all creatures. If your animal is an example of a true Buddhist monk, this Buddha pet portrait will fit them perfectly. Imagine your beloved pet in this calming pose in a nice orange robe, with a pretty blue necklace, sitting on the rose lotus flower with the perfect sea sunrise behind its back. Our artist will capture all the unique facial features of your animal to create a genuinely custom pet painting. It will decore your room and make you smile with every look at it.

The Adventurous Biker

The motorcycle biker dog portrait from a photo


It’s our most popular product. We created this custom pet portrait for all who love freedom more than anything. For pets and owners who can easily leave everything in exchange for new roads and new impressions. The pet painting from a photo with your animal depicted as a biker will always make you think of those feelings from yet undiscovered sites that you can experience only when you start traveling. Besides, the portrait will simply make you laugh with every look at it no matter what. 

The Classy Lord

The lord noble pet portrait


Our designer created this noble pet portrait for genuinely remarkable animals of any breed who behave as lords, barons, dukes. To honor this part of your pet’s personality you should definitely order a custom pet painting that depicts your precious animal as a classy gentleman. We recommend hanging this painting on the most visible wall in your house. It will uplift and inspire you every time you look at it. 

The Freddie Mercury

The Freddie Mercury cat portrait from a photo


If you are a fan of Queen music or your pet is a real superstar — this Freddie Mercury Pet Portrait is the best fit for you. For creating the best pet painting from a photo it’s important to capture the moment when your pet has an open mouth. With the opened mouth it will look like your pet is a real singer. Hang the portrait on the most visible wall of your house and smile every time you look at it.