It’s hard to find an American who doesn’t enjoy celebrating Independence day. Since it’s always a day off, everyone can attend a picnic or a party in the backyard to gather with family and friends. The 4th of July is tightly associated with barbequed everything you can think of: burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cobs, veggies. It’s impossible to imagine this celebration without apple pies with ice cream, a shocking amount of red, white, blue colors, and American flags everywhere. As well as singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” while the sky is lightened with hundreds of fireworks. This incredible day awakens a proud feeling of living in the U.S. 

Independence day is an occasion to commemorate the beginning of this glorious country and its perspectives to become even greater. So, of course, the 4th of July is a popular day for gift giving. It would be a great idea to thank a host for the party you attend or simply to get something extraordinary to make someone’s day even more colorful. On that occasion, we created a list of very patriotic and American Fourth of July gifts that are suitable for everyone: for kids, for parents, for veterans, for friends. Let’s find the best one for your gift recipient! Click on images to buy a gift. 

Unique Independence day gifts to surprise any recipient 

There is no reason to stop at the most common the Fourth of July gifts such as the American flag, patterned sunglasses, t-shirts, and so on. We made a list of non-ordinary and custom presents to amaze and cherish people who receive them. Besides, most of them can be used all year round, not only on Independence day. 

Stars and stripes shoes

There is a good reason to buy the American flag shoes for someone. It’s not only a fun thing but also a very practical and wearable piece of wardrobe. For instance, stylish canvas sneakers that are suitable to wear on every occasion or comfortable clogs that are perfect for a party at the beach or a swimming pool.

Stars and stripes clogs
Patriotic high heels

Hilarious custom patriotic pet portraits 

If you want to surprise your gift receivers, and in addition, they have domestic animals, then there is nothing more hilarious than a custom portrait made from their pet’s photo. In the Petasso gallery, which has many patriotic costumes made to dignify America’s Independence and its glory, you can choose the best outfit to amaze any pet owner.  

The US Navy admiral pet painting
The Captain America pet portrait
The Founding Father pet portrait

Handmade patriotic earrings 

It’s hard to amaze people who are in love with different stylish knick-knacks by giving them another run-of-the-mill bracelet or pair of earrings. But it’s easy and guaranteed with handmade accessories such as these patriotic earrings with all the attributes of Fourth of July — American flags, fireworks, ice cream. Your recipients will be grateful for this unique pair and will definitely wear them to a celebration to show patriotism. 

Patriotic bow earrings
4th of July earrings
Independence day earrings

Patriotic home decor

Wooden decor can make any home warmer and more stylish. The patriotic signs and paintings not only show an appreciation of American traditions, history, and spirit but also create a unique and personal design of any house. We made a list of trendy home decor that will be suitable not only for Independence day but also for Veterans, Memorial, Flag days, patriotic and election parties, and all year round. 

Patriotic home decor house
Independence day home decor
Wooden America sign home decor


Tableware for celebration and daily use 

There is nothing more upsetting than getting a Fourth of July gift that can be used only once or twice a year or be thrown after a celebration as it happens with patriotic disposable tableware. That is why we made a list of dinnerware that can be used more than once per year and is suitable for patriotic and other kinds of celebrations. Besides, it’s more sustainable than paper dishes and cups. 

4th of July patriotic cup
Patriotic condiment serving set
Independence day cake pan


Red, white and blue Independence day gifts conclusion

We love to think that Fourth of July gifts have to be sustainable, funny, and practical. Besides, they have to show feelings to the country not only once per week, but all year round. We’ve made a list of presents that can be used or bring emotions every day without cluttering up your thankful gift recipient’s home.