Christmas gifting is a tradition that helps us say that we love our friends and family members and want them to be happy. It takes a lot of time to find a thing that will make a gift taker adore their present. If your friend or family member is a pet owner, maybe you should consider getting something related to this possession. Gifting a gift that reflects someone’s passions or interests emphasizes you as a good friend. Moreover, all of us deserve good laughter. So, going with something humorous and stress-free is always a good choice. We hope you will find our list of funny gifts to pet owners helpful.


Noble pet painting from a photo Noble dog painting

Custom Pet Portrait

There is nothing more fun than seeing your pet in a hilarious costume. The custom pet portrait is a valuable gift that always finds its place on the most visible wall in a house. has costumes for every occasion and a pet kind. Whether you want to make a painting from a photo for a dog or a cat, you’ll get the best possible result — a completely customized portrait that captures all pet’s facial features. You can choose from over 80 costumes in two categories: for him and for her. The most popular pet paintings are movie characters and victorian noble portraits. If you know your friend’s favorite movie, it’s a win-win strategy to give them their pet painted as one of this movie’s characters. 


Funny Christmas gift for a dog owner


Anime Corgi Mouse Pad

This anime hilarious mouse pad provides not only wrist support but also mood support at every sad moment. The mat is absolutely comfortable thanks to its shape and ergonomic cushions from a memory foam material in the form of corgi’s butts. This unique accessory will become a bright spot on every desk and add a little fun to every workplace. Silicone non-slippery base keeps the mouse pad at the same place on the desk where you put it without sliding. In addition, the mat has an optimal shape for every desk and mouse type. It is a perfect gift to surprise any pet owner.  


Cat domination t-shirt gift


World Domination for Cats T-shirt

Every cat person will agree that cats dominate the world. Cat owners are happy to satisfy their cats’ needs and make their furry friends enjoy life. That is why this printed T-shirt that shoes a cat reading a book about world domination becomes a nice and funny gift for your friend or relative with a cat. It’s made from 100% cotton fabric in five different colors. Classic fit is perfect both for men and women. 


Pooping dog calendar gift


Pooping Pooches White Elephant Gag Gift Calendar

Do you know a fanatic dog lover? Do you know a person that has a childish sense of humor? Do you know someone that likes using a wall calendar? Then you have to consider this gift while searching for Christmas gifts to entertain your friend or relative. The calendar contains 12 high-quality photos of dogs that poop in beautiful places around the world. It features 12 different dog breeds. We don’t actually sure that anyone wants to hang this calendar on their wall, but this is the gift that makes people laugh heads off. So definitely worth giving it. 


Funny coasters gift for cat owners


Cat Butt Crochet Drink Coaster Set 

Although this is another butt gift, it can be a very helpful kitchen accessory that will protect your table from coffee and tea stains in such a funny way. This gift for cat lovers provides a good laugh and a daily portion of positive to every cup of hot winter drinks. The coasters are made in a perfect size and are easy to clean by hand wash in warm water. It’s an excellent choice to kick out any cat lover in your life.